PSA (Planetary Service Announcement)

As citizens of our various countries, we can speak out with our actions and dollars and advocacy. As living members of local and global ecosystems, we have the power to choose and act on behalf of thriving for all beings. The vital energy of all living beings on this earth support us. One person, one party, even one government cannot stop us if we choose to act together. Stand together.  Persist together in whatever ways – large or small – each of us is able. 

Governments cannot regulate this ecological freight train to a stop. But individuals acting together? We can shine the spotlight of our fierce dedication to thriving and compassion on destructive companies and organizations. We can change consumerist culture. We can take responsibility for our part in making the mess and wade in and clean it up.

I’m not saying there are simple solutions, or that we can reverse damage done. But, we can change how disastrous this disaster is in the now, and how bad it will be for coming generations. 

Commit. Persist. And for the sake of all that is vital and good, stick together!

2 responses to “PSA (Planetary Service Announcement)”

  1. Love this! And love that it’s a PSA!!!

    Jen Pavich, MA, PCC (she/her)   Feminist Life + Leadership Coach

    The Unquiet Sisterhood Podcast


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    Curious about working with me?


    1. The PSA part just felt appropriate. 🙂


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