From Gaia: 5-18-22

A wise friend recently commented that reading these conversations from Gaia requires stillness. It makes sense. I know I need stillness to participate in them.

So, if it feels right, perhaps invite yourself to pause, invoke whatever stillness means for you, and then dip yourself into these words. See what happens. —Tracie

Listen for the unheard.


I’m not certain what you mean by that. Can you expand?


This morning. You were greeting the day, listening to birdsong (birds are gloriously obvious, don’t you think?) but did you hear the mosses? Or the ants?


Ahhhhh…..I understand. I was listening for—and therefore only hearing—the obvious sounds, the sounds that could be heard by my physical ears. So I may have missed sounds or conversations that I need all of my senses, especially my intuitive sense, to hear?


Yes! Patterns are good. They are necessary for life to thrive. They can also invite complacency. Your pattern, habit, of listening primarily with your sense of hearing, your ears, lulls you into thinking that you are truly hearing. You are not. There is a richness of sound, of language, happening around and in you that you are missing.

Listen for the unheard. There are important conversations that require your perspective.


By “your” do you mean all of humanity?


Of course!


2 responses to “From Gaia: 5-18-22”

  1. YES, THIS!!! this is what i try to talk about when i talk about meditation or sitting and listening… this says it SO eloquently though. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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    1. Yes! Love! That’s it exactly. You are a delight to spend time with my friend. —Gaia


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