From Gaia: 5-10-22

There is a great emptiness, a great spaciousness, that should not be. And a great scrabbling, a great taking, where there should not be.

Yes, you feel this too, I think. The closest human word to describe our feeling is sorrow.

Here is a truth, my friends: I will endure. You might not.

You (humans) are one of many. One of many of those you would call my children. All are essential to the thriving of each other.

You must realize that I have the perspective of a planet. I conceive and create on a planetary—on a galactic—scale.

I create conditions for life to thrive. Whether you thrive or not—that is in your hands. And there—in your loving, capable-of-wisdom hands—that is where the hope, the future, lives.


4 responses to “From Gaia: 5-10-22”

  1. Wow…

    These posts have such a beautiful quality of truth that can only be heard in stillness. Very grounding.

    Jen Pavich, MA, PCC (she/her)   Feminist Life + Leadership Coach

    The Unquiet Sisterhood Podcast


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    Curious about working with me?

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    1. That’s so interesting Jen! I mean, I know they require stillness for me to hear and share, so it makes sense that they require stillness to read/receive, I just never thought of that. Hmmmm, now I’m thinking I may add a note to future posts inviting folks to find some stillness before reading the message.

      I’m so glad they feel grounding!


  2. Elanor Christianson Avatar
    Elanor Christianson

    Wow – tears welling up as I read this, and how you have managed in really a small amount of words to convey so much.


    1. Tears welling here, too, now, Elanor. 🙏

      When we talk, Gaia’s conversation does tend to be distilled to its essence.


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