From Gaia: 5-1-22

Because it’s spring here, wild violets are blooming everywhere. Today, they wanted to share some thoughts.

Oh, the heart-singing, world-walking truth of us! For we are capable—yes!—so capable of all of this. And with joy! For what is an emergence—this great pushing of roots and stems—if not joyful and so, so, so very alive.

We know some of us subsume in winter to emerge no more, but some of us cast wide and far and have traveled to new places beyond the edges of our collective memories. And this is good. There are friends here. There is space here. There is life in this unknown.

We feel you wonder about colonization—a great taking—but no. We cast wide, yes, yet it is our truth to only emerge where there is already emptiness. It is foolish to do otherwise. You cannot befriend what you kill. You cannot find life by taking what makes others live.

The Violet Community

2 responses to “From Gaia: 5-1-22”

  1. omg

    I just read this.

    Tracie. Gaia.

    I can’t even say clearly why I feel so touched… but I do.

    thank you.


    sent from a tiny keyboard – please forgive any typos 🙂


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    1. “Dearest. Isn’t it glorious when we are moved by each other?” – Gaia

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