From Gaia: 4-21-22

I was meditating/deep listening this morning, wondering if there would be a message to offer you today. With a metaphoric finger wag, Gaia offered this:

The thing to remember is that this (deep listening/communing) is what’s important about this (our relationship). Not the teachings or the messages, but this (the quiet, calm feeling of belonging I feel when we are communing).

She went on to say, “the words and ideas are only a tiny part of what we share, of the essentialness, the core of the nature of our relationship. You are creatures of feeling and movement, children of fire and air and water as well as earth. Remember to bring every sense, every atom of your Self into every aspect of your living. Especially those moments when you choose to consciously commune with me, with wild beings, and, of course, with each other.”

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