When worry is all you can think about. {practice}

Have you ever noticed how our minds can become a haven for all the worries? And when we’re overflowing our worries seem to attract other people’s “stuff” until, well, things are downright messy in there? (HSP folks, I’ll bet you know exactly how this feels.)

When I need a good attic clearing, I use this simple practice.

I invite you to try it, if the idea makes your heart sing.

  • Find a place to sit or stand uninterrupted for a few minutes. Outside is best, but an indoor space can work, too.
  • Let your breath settle into a comfortable pattern for you.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your sense of touch. What do you notice?
    • Temperature?
    • The sensation of the air on your skin?
    • How supported you feel by the earth under you? (Indoors or outdoors, the earth is always – and quite literally – supporting you.)
  • Continue noticing the sensations happening where your skin meets your environment until you feel finished or complete (yes, you will know when that happens).
  • Finally, open your eyes and, if it feels right, offer a little gratitude to your body and the natural world for this sensory experience. 

That’s it. Now, go enjoy your peaceful mind! 

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